Why We Started This Blog


You may have noticed all of the bones logos and bottles of wine with whales on them…well that is because this blog is sponsored by us – The Hidden Sea wine company.  We believe in having great times with good friends and that wine culture should be inclusive to all, bold, with less of the bullshit usually poured down peoples throats.

With our value in mind we came up with the idea for this blog. We wanted to create a place where our friends and friends of friends could go learn what the hell sommeliers + wine wankers are talking about and to share some of our favorite recipes. 

If you want to buy some delicious no nonsense wine, head on over to thehiddensea.com and check us out!


The Hidden Sea Team


Who's Behind the Recipes?

Justin Moran: Master Chef... Almost.

A little bit about me.

I am a passionate chef, lover of good quality booze and food, and second coolest out of the 2 founders at The Hidden Sea.

OK OK Full Disclaimer: I am not a chef, but hell, I am not a winemaker either and I own a winery so it seems to be my MO. But yes I do have cooking experience, appearing on the second season of Masterchef at home in Australia (do not Google why they kicked me off). I am known for adding a healthy dose of “mayo” to a story, so that pretty much makes me qualified to contribute to the W.I.N.E. blog. 

Also, being from Melbourne and with Moran as my surname, I can pretty much get away with anything.

In all seriousness, I cook, create, consume, entertain and give a little back. I travel the world, meeting interesting people from all walks of life, eating weird and wonderful food from top restaurants to hole in the walls, and then reconstructing my version at home for my family and friends. Each month I will be sharing some of my favourites. They are delicious, easy to cook, healthy, environmentally conscious, punch yourself in the fucken face delights, so preferably enjoy with a bottle of The Hidden Sea…..as this will be no ordinary show!

Apologies in advance for my swearing, bad jokes and terrible spelling. 

– JM
P.S. Remember friendships must be built on a solid foundation of alcohol, sarcasm, inappropriateness, and shenanigans.

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